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Can we preorder more than two days in advance?
We currently take preorders for large orders of 10 boxes (6 donuts in a box) or more. Please contact us for such large orders.
Do you deliver/ship?
We do not do any deliveries or shipping at this time.
How long do mochi donuts keep?
We recommend that you enjoy them within 24 hours. Please keep them in air conditioned room temperature.
What flavors of mochi donuts do you have?
We always have the following 6 flavors: Matcha, Strawberry, Yuzu Citrus, Oreo, Dark Chocolate, and Black Sesame. Then we rotate some special flavors; please check our Instagram to see what flavors are available.
What are mochi donuts?
Mochi donuts have a unique texture. They are springy and a bit chewy, dense but crispy, which gives you a whole new experience.
Are your mochi donuts gluten-free?
Our mochi donuts are NOT gluten-free.
Are your mochi donuts vegetarian? Vegan? Dairy-free?
Our mochi donuts are NOT vegan. Please reach out to us about vegetarian, dairy, and allergy information, as it varies by flavors.
Do your mochi donuts contain nuts?
We do not use any nuts to make the plain (no glaze, naked) donuts. We may use nuts depending on flavors. Also, our facility does handle some nuts.
I’m picking up in-store. What if the donut store is closed by the time I get there?
Please come to our cafe next to the donut store. We’ll hold your order there until the cafe closes.